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The Law Offices of Richard M. Lester has been helping bikers for more than 30 years. Richard Lester, our founding attorney, realized the need for injured motorcycle riders to be professionally represented. He understood that motorcycle accident cases are very different types of cases. He also understood that there was a great need for lawyers who rode too and therefore understand motorcycles.

What started as a single law office has grown and we are proud to say we now have affiliated offices serving motorcyclists in all 50 states and Canada too.

Why We Are Unique

You won't find another law office like ours, our motorcycle accident attorneys are handpicked for their experience and their passion for riding. Our lawyers ride and have an enthusiasm for motorcycling that is unmatched by any other law firm!

We are also the only legal network that is endorsed by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and the Confederation of Clubs, two organizations that are constantly lobbying to get our voices heard!

Richard M. Lester and all the attorneys at AIM (Aid to Injured Motorcyclists) have recovered over $250 million for clients injured in motorcycle accidents. They have the legal experience you need - and are experienced riders, as well. Don't settle for a single lawyer - hire the legal team that can help you recover cash for your motorcycle injury.

Check us out, we are sure you are going to like what you see!

Contact us at 800-ON-A-BIKE for your free consultation today.

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