What is the Aid to Injured Motorcyclists Program?

Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) is a nationwide legal services program with affiliated law offices in every state and Canadian Province to serve the legal needs of the motorcycling community. A.I.M. is dedicated to informing all motorcyclists of their legal rights and help protect and enforce those rights.
A.I.M. is 100% Free to all motorcyclists, and there are currently over 2 Million A.I.M. Members throughout North America.

This program is sponsored by The Law Offices of Richard M. Lester, and is designed to give more complete medical and legal protection to motorcyclists throughout the USA and Canada when involved in an accident. If you are involved in an accident, your A.I.M. ID card instructs emergency medical personnel to call the toll free 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE Emergency Hotline and the 24 hour A.I.M. operator will relay your critical medical information and will then immediately notify the emergency contact listed on your membership form.

Lifetime Emergency Membership I.D. Card
24-hour Hotline for all emergency medical personnel
Emergency accident notification
24 hour Free Legal Consultation for all accidents throughout North America
Immediate investigation of all accidents

In addition to providing medical protection and a legal resource, A.I.M. is also the sole financial sponsor of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. The A.I.M. attorney legal fees (a percentage of your damages only if there is a recovery), are equal and in some cases, lower than other attorneys. These fees are in part, donated back to finance N.C.O.M. However, being an A.I.M. member does not obligate you to use any of the A.I.M. attorneys.
A.I.M. is completely financed by The Law Offices of Richard M. Lester and there is absolutely no charge to the participating motorcyclists. The program currently has three main sections:

Consumer Protection – making roads safe for motorcyclists and creating liability if they’re not
Education – informing the general public of the problems of motorcyclists and continuing the ‘Know Your Rights’ talks and the A.I.M./NCOM legal/legislative newsletter so that all motorcyclists will be aware of their rights and thus, be able to protect them
And finally, the most important section, Assistance to the Injured Motorcyclist – volunteers that will go to any motorcyclist that has been involved in an accident, inform him/her of all rights and help in their hour of need.

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Member Benefits

  • Connector.

    24 Hour Hotline

    AIM Cards offer emergency medical information and next-of-kin notification services. Getting your crucial information to those that need it most.

  • Connector.

    Lost Key Finder

    Each AIM Card comes with a keychain attachment for your keys. Lose them? We’ll mail them back to you free of charge.