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Contact AIM for forwarding information at (800) On-A-Bike (800-662-2453).

Aid to Injured Motorcyclists
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Florida Helmet Laws


  • Helmets Required for all riders up to age 21.
  • Must show proof of at least $10,000 Medical Coverage.

Other Florida Motorcycle Laws

State Funded Rider Education

  • Available for all eligible applicants.
  • Required under age 21.
  • May waive skills test for successful completion of rider ed.
  • May waive knowledge test for successful completion of rider ed.

Eye Protection

  • Required by law.

Daytime Use Of Headlight

  • Required by law.
  • Modulating headlight permitted.

Passenger Seat

  • Required if carrying a passenger.

Passenger Footrests

  • Required if carrying a passenger.


  • Required by law.

65 MPH Speed Limit

  • In effect on designated rural interstate highways.

NCOM Region

REGION VI : Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina

Don’t subject yourself to civil and criminal penalties and to expensive and time consuming lawsuits. Don’t discriminate against people wearing colors or motorcycle attire.