International Coalition of Motorcyclists

International Coalition of Motorcyclists

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  • ABATE of Alberta
  • ABATE of Manitoba
  • ABATE of Northwest Ontario
  • ABATE of Ontario
  • Association Des Motos Americaines Du Quebec
  • Comite D' Action Politique Motorcycliest - Quebec
  • Association of Injured Motorcyclists - British Columbia
  • Association Motorcycliste Tetreaultville - Quebec
  • A.I.M. of Manitoba
  • Bikers Rights Organization - Alberta
  • Bikers Rights Organization - Nova Scotia
  • Bikers Rights Organization - Ontario
  • Bikers Rights Organization - Saskatchewan
  • Bikers Rights Organization - Quebec
  • British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists
  • Central Ontario Cycle Association
  • Confederation of Clubs Ontario
  • Federation Motorcycliste Du Quebec
  • National Helmet Law Repeal Association - Alberta
  • Ontario Road Riders Association
  • Organization of Responsible Bikers of Nova Scotia
  • Southern Independent Riders Association - Saskatchewan


  • ABATE of Denmark
  • Association National De Defense Des Droits De Bikers - France
  • Biker Union - Germany
  • Letzebuerger Motoinitiativ - Luxembourg
  • Motorcycle Action Group - Austria
  • Motorcycle Action Group - UK


  • Black Sheep - Australia


  • Black Sheep - Brazil



  • Guam Hawgs M/C


  • Solo Angeles - Baja California


  • Bikers Rights Organization


  • Write to Ride - Right to Ride Northern Ireland

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All money from will go directly toward fighting adverse motorcycle legislation.

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