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It is the mission of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) Legislative Task Force (LTF) to provide tangible and meaningful assistance to the NCOM community in the form of empirically proven policy recommendations, legislative tools, and mobilization strategies, intended to expand the rights base of the motorcycling community.


The LTF is comprised of individuals that have a quantifiable record of achievement and success that can easily be transposed and applied to any state and/or region in America.
The LTF encourages the NCOM membership to "officially" request legislative and policy recommendations. The LTF will provide a thorough recommendation for strategy and action specific to the target state and/or region. LTF recommendations are all inclusive policy documents containing a blueprint for success. The LTF will provide communication, networking, policy and mobilization strategies that embrace proven methods and best practices. LTF recommendations take into account the specific realities of a particular state and/or region in terms of the motorcycling demographics. In addition to a speaker's bureau, the LTF is also available to provide press releases and media documents based on past successes.


The LTF is based on the idea of praxis - in order to be the most effective, there must be a balance between theory and action. The LTF incorporates a model that utilizes manpower for action, indisputably the most vitally important component the motorcycle rights movement possesses.


The struggle for the right to exist as an identifiable class in American society motivates and drives the LTF to provide the most comprehensive support available in the world of motorcycle rights. The LTF consists of grassroots activists based on the firm belief that the "ideas without action" philosophy has been highly ineffective and largely responsible for the predicaments the motorcycling constituency currently faces across America. Working together, in a strategic, purposeful and unified manner we can effectively cause a positive change as we work toward retaining our personal freedoms and continued pursuit of liberty.

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