National Coalition of Motorcyclists

NCOM Members

A through C

10%er Brotherhood

11th Cavalry M/C America

300 Movement M/C - Massachusetts

311 Bikerz

ABATE of Alabama


ABATE of Arizona

ABATE of Arkansas

ABATE of California

ABATE of Colorado

ABATE/Concerned Motorcycle Riders of Ohio


ABATE of Delaware

ABATE of El Paso, Texas

ABATE of Florida

ABATE of Georgia

ABATE of Idaho

ABATE of North Idaho

ABATE of Illinois

ABATE of Indiana

ABATE of Iowa

ABATE of Kansas

ABATE of Louisiana

ABATE of Maryland

Straight River Chapter

ABATE of Michigan

ABATE of Mississippi

ABATE of Minnesota

ABATE of Missouri

ABATE of Montana

ABATE of Montana - Black Eagle Chapter

Missoula Chapter

Northwest Chapter

ABATE of Nebraska

ABATE of Nevada

Elko Nevada Chapter

ABATE of New Jersey

ABATE of New Mexico

ABATE of New York

ABATE of North Dakota

ABATE of North Idaho

ABATE of North West Louisiana


ABATE of Oklahoma

ABATE of Oregon

ABATE of Pennsylvania

Fayette County

Lancaster County


ABATE of South Carolina

ABATE of South Dakota

ABATE of Utah

ABATE of Virginia

ABATE of Washington

ABATE of West Virginia

ABATE of Western Maryland

ABATE of Wisconsin

ABATE of Wyoming

Alternative M/C

American Cruisers Alliance Inc.

American Cruisers MC #150

American Legion Riders

American Legion Riders #516

American Legion Riders of Colorado

American Legion Riders Post 34 - Washington

American Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin

American Steel M/C (Worldwide)

Acquitted M/C

Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs

Army of the Lord MM

Armor Bearers M/C

Associated Committee for Bikers - Hawaii

Association for Motorcyclists of Oregon

Band of Brothers M/C - MA

Bike PAC of Idaho

Bike PAC of Oregon

Biker Dogs MC - California

Bikers Against Child Abuse - National

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Alabama

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Arizona

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Delaware

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Florida

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Kentucky

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Massachusetts

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Missouri

Bikers Against Child Abuse - New Jersey

Bikers Against Child Abuse - New Mexico

Bikers Against Child Abuse - New York

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Ohio

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Oklahoma

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Pennsylvania

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Texas

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Utah

Bikers Against Child Abuse - Virginia

B.A.C.A. Of Philadelphia

Bikers 4 Kids

Bikers for Christ

Bikers United

Bishops M/C - New Jersey

Black Sheep - Harley Davidsons for Christ

Black Diamonds M/C - Ohio

Black Sheep M/C, Inc.- Florida

Black Sheep M/C, Inc.- Georgia

Black Sheep M/C, Inc.- Indiana

Black Sheep M/C, Inc.- New Jersey

Black Sheep M/C, Inc.- South Dakota

Black Sheep M/C, Inc.- Utah

Blaque Pearls MC - New York

Blind Justice Nevada M/C - Confederation Member

Boanerges M/C - North Carolina

Born Again Riders MM

Brothers in the Wind M/C - California

Brothers of the Third Wheel - Illinois (Windy City Outsiders)

Cahoots M/C - South Dakota

Catholic Cross Bearers MM

Central Freedom Riders MC - Plano, Texas

Christ's Motorcycle Disciples

Circle of Friends MC Nomads

Clan of Cain MC - Mississippi

Columbus Coalition of Clubs

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association - Florida

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association - Georgia

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association - Hawaii

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association - National

Concerned Bikers Association of North Carolina

Concerned Motorcyclists of Tennessee / ABATE of Tennessee

Confederation of Clubs of Alabama

Confederation of Clubs of California

Confederation of Clubs of Central California

Confederation of Clubs of Monterey Bay

Confederation of Clubs of Northern California

Confederation of Clubs of San Diego

Confederation of Clubs of Southern California

Confederation of Clubs of Colorado

Confederation of Clubs of Connecticut

Confederation of Clubs of Delaware

Confederation of Clubs of Florida Panhandle

Confederation of Clubs of North Florida

Confederation of Clubs of South Florida

Confederation of Clubs of West Florida

Confederation of Clubs of Hawaii

Confederation of Clubs of Northern Illinois

Confederation of Clubs of South Central Illinois

Confederation of Clubs of Indiana

Confederation of Clubs of Iowa

Confederation of Clubs of Kansas

Confederation of Clubs of Kentucky

Confederation of Clubs of Louisiana

Confederation of Clubs of Michigan

Confederation of Clubs of Minnesota

Confederation of Clubs of Mississippi

Confederation of Clubs of Northern Nevada

Confederation of Clubs of Southern Nevada

Confederation of Clubs of New Jersey

Confederation of Clubs of New Mexico

Confederation of Clubs Buffalo, New York

Confederation of Clubs Rochester, New York

Confederation of Clubs of North Carolina

Confederation of Clubs of North Dakota

Confederation of Clubs of Northern Ohio

Confederation of Clubs of Southern Ohio

Confederation of Clubs of Oklahoma

Confederation of Clubs of Ontario, Canada

Confederation of Clubs of Oregon

Confederation of Clubs of Eastern Pennsylvania

Confederation of Clubs of Western Pennsylvania

Confederation of Clubs of Rhode Island

Confederation of Clubs of South Dakota

Confederation of Clubs of Tennessee

Confederation of Clubs of Central Texas

Confederation of Clubs Austin, TX

Confederation of Clubs Corpus Christi, TX

Confederation of Clubs San Antonio

Confederation of Clubs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Confederation of Clubs East Texas

Confederation of Clubs of Northern Texas

Confederation of Clubs of Southern Texas

Confederation of Clubs of West Texas

Confederation of Clubs of Utah

Confederation of Clubs of Virginia

Confederation of Clubs of Washington

Confederation of Clubs of Eastern Washington

Confederation of Clubs of West Virginia

Confederation of Clubs of Wisconsin

Confederation of Clubs of Wyoming

Cowlitz County ABATE (Washington)

Cruisers Clubs of America

Cycle Club of Forth Worth (TMRA) - Texas

D through Z

DC Eagles M/C - Wisconsin

Desertaires M/C - Texas

Diamond Roses Women's M/C - New York

Disciples of Christ MM

Dragons M/C - Tennesse

Elite Bikerz

Erie Riders - Ohio

Excalibur Society M/C - New Hampshire

The Exiles M/C

Federation of Clubs Wisconsin

Forever Free M/C - Arizona

Freedom of the Road for Vermont, Inc.

Free Masons Riding Club

Free Riders MC - Wisconsin

Freedom Riders M/C - Indiana

Fresh Blood Riders MM

Friends of the Forgotten (POW-MIA)

Goat Brothers M/C - New York

Gold Coast Wheelers M/C - California

Gourmet Riders M/C (Indiana)

Gulf Coast Motorcycle Rights Association - Texas

Harley-Davidson Dresser Club, Inc. - Florida

Highway Poets M/C - Massachusetts

Honor Bound MM - Texas

Illinois Motorcyclists Rights Association

In Country M/C

Independent Bikers Association MC - Ohio

Independent Motorcycle Enthusiast Association - New Hampshire

The Innkeepers M/C - Ohio

Iron Gypsies MC - Michigan

Kentucky Motorcyclist Association/Kentucky Bikers Association

Lake ABATE (South Dakota)

Leathernecks MC

Leather & Lace - National

Leather & Lace - Florida

Life & Death M/C - Florida

Loners M/C - California

Los Muchachos MC

Loyal Riders MC

Masonic Motorcycle Club - Pennsylvania


Melchizedeks MC - NY

Michigan Dressers M/C

Milford and Company M/C - New Hampshire

Military Brotherhood Motorcycle Association

Military Veterans M/C

Minnesota Motorcycle Club Coalition

Minnesota Motorcycle Riders Association

Miracles Clean & Sober MC - Ohio

Modified Motorcycle Association - Arizona

Modified Motorcycle Association - California

Modified Motorcycle Association - Div. 2

Modified Motorcycle Association - Massachusetts

Modified Motorcycle Association - Missouri

Modified Motorcycle Association - Nevada

MotoSociety - Riders Association of the USA - Florida

National Sport Bike Association

Native American Riders (of Texas)

Nebraska Motorcyclists Coalition

New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Association

New York Motorcycle Riders Association

Night Flight M/C - Ohio

Nomaden M/C - Arizona

Northeastern Ohio M.C. Brotherhood

Northwest Veterans MC

Ohio Motorcyclists Coalition

Outsiders MC - Pennsylvania

Outsiders MC - Washington

Patriot Guard

PCOM - Pennsylvania Coalition of Motorcyclists

Priesthood Motorcycle Ministry

Privateers Riders MC

Quaff M/C - California

PM MC - North Carolina

The Reapers M/C - Wareham Chapter - Massachusetts

Razorz Edge Ryderz - South Jersey

Red Emeralds Motorcycle Club

Renegades MC - Florida

Retreads MC - Alabama

Retreads MC - Texas

Retreads International

Rhode Island Cruisers MC

Rhode Island Motorcycle Association

RIDER of Washington

Ryders M/C - California

Sacred Oath M/C - South Carolina

Satan Soldiers MC - New Jersey

Second 2 None

SexyLowRyderz M/C – Florida

Shades of Gray M/C - New Hampshire

Silver Eagles M/C - California

Sober Bikers United

SoCal Sportbike Alliance

Soldiers for Christ M.C.

Soldiers for Jesus M/C

Solo Angeles MC - Baja, California / Mexico

Sons of God M/C

Sons of Liberty Riders

Sons of None M/C - California

Southern California Bike Alliance

Southern California Council of Motorcycle Clubs

Southern Knights M/C - Alabama

Southern Rebels M/C - Oregon

Southwest Coalition

Street Bikers United - Hawaii

Street Thunder Cats M/C - Virginia

Strong Brothers of Strong Sisters M/C - Virginia

Sundowners MC - SFV, California

Sunriders M/C - Arizona

Texas ABATE Confederation

Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association

Texoma ABATE

Thorsmen - New York

Top Hatters Motorcycle Club - California

T.R.A.C. - California

Treadnots MC - Vermont

Tri State Coalition - KS, NE, CO

Trikers Unlimited Association International - Arizona


UMF - California

UMF - Northern Utah

United ABATE of New Jersey

United Bikers of Maine

United Freedom Riders - SMRO

Unidos Motorcycle Club - Arizona

U.S. Military Vets M/C, Pennsylvania

United States Motorcycle Riders Confederation

V-Twin Cruisers MC, N.E. - Ohio

Veterans of Vietnam M/C - Louisiana

Veterans of Vietnam M/C America - National

Veterans Together MC - New Mexico

Vietnam Vets - Alaska

Vietnam Vets - Arizona

Vietnam Vets - California

Vietnam Vets - Hawaii

Vietman Vets - Oklahoma

Vietnam Vets - Texas

Vietnam Vets - Washington

Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists

Volusia County Health Department -Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council - Florida

Vulcan Riders Association

Washington Riders Legislative Task Force

Wheels of Soul MC - Pennsylvania

Whitewings M/C - San Bernardino, California

Wicked Wheels M/C - California

Widow Makers M/C - California

Wind & Fire M/C - Worldwide

Winds of Change - Indiana

Wolf Pack Inc. - South Dakota

Women In the Wind, Lone Star Ladies Chapter

The Wraith M/C - New York

Wyoming Central ABATE

Wyoming Coalition of Bikers


ABATE of Alberta

ABATE of Manitoba

ABATE of Northwest Ontario

ABATE of Ontario

Association Des Motos Americaines Du Quebec

Comite D' Action Politique Motorcycliest - Quebec

Association of Injured Motorcyclists - British Columbia

Association Motorcycliste Tetreaultville - Quebec

A.I.M. of Manitoba

Bikers Rights Organization - Alberta

Bikers Rights Organization - Nova Scotia

Bikers Rights Organization - Ontario

Bikers Rights Organization - Saskatchewan

Bikers Rights Organization - Quebec

British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists

Central Ontario Cycle Association

Confederation of Clubs Ontario

Federation Motorcycliste Du Quebec

National Helmet Law Repeal Association - Alberta

Organization of Responsible Bikers of Nova Scotia

Southern Independent Riders Association - Saskatchewan


ABATE of Denmark

ABATE of Sweden

Association National De Defense Des Droits De Bikers - France

Biker Union - Germany

Irish Bikers Action group - Ireland

Letzebuerger Motoinitiativ - Luxembourg

Motorcycle Action Group - Austria

Motorcycle Action Group - England

Motorcycle Action Group - Netherlands

Motorcycle Action Group - Northern Ireland

Motorcycle Action Group - Scotland

Motorcycle Action Group - Wales


NSW motorcycle Council

Black Sheep - Australia


Black Sheep - Brazil


Privateers MC - Caribbean


Guam Hawgs M/C

Patriot Guam


Solo Angeles - Baja California


Bikers Rights Organization

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