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AIM has Recovered Over $250 Million in Settlements for Our Clients

$4.4 Million

Commercial vehicle turned left, forcing our client to lay down their bike and sustain significant injuries
Case Settled Before Trial

$2.74 Million

Our client was rear-ended by a driver as he approached a red light while he was on his way to work
3-Insurance Policies Paid Out

$2.25 Million

Driver attempted a U-turn in front of our client causing multiple fractures and lifetime care
$400K Cash & $1.7M in Monthly Payments

$2.1 Million

County employee failed to double-check the intersection before entering resulting in a collision
Case Goes to Trial & Jury Awards Client

$1.3 Million

Client was a riding as a passenger and was injured by a driver who was turning left
Settled Before Trial for Max Policy Limits


Turning driver causes a collision with our client which resulted in a broken ankle and permanent injuries
Insurance Company Agrees to Our Terms


Left-turner hits our client and accuses him of speeding, but our expert engineer proves that was false
Highest Amount Ever Won in That County


Husband and wife were riding with another couple and were sideswiped by a car that crossed over
Insurance Co. Settled Before Trial


I was very impressed with the promptness of your office in returning my phone call. This is the first time I have ever needed legal help of this nature and was pleased with the concern shown by your office. After meeting with an attorney I felt like a great burden was lifted from my shoulders. I couldn’t be in better hands!
Mark H.
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I called the 800 number on the card I carry in my wallet. Less than 24 hours later an attorney was in my driveway looking at my bike. He was very polite and me feel real comfortable. He explained everything to me in a way I could I understand. He stayed in touch with me ever since and I got a very satisfactory settlement check. AIM has been very helpful to me and got things done, which no other legal service could have done.

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We Do What the Other Law Firms Won’t – Because We Care About Motorcycle Riders

AIM Lawyers Donate a Portion of All Fees into Programs that Support Motorcycle Rights

While many other law firms may claim to give back to the biker community, AIM puts their money where their mouth is by taking a percentage of their fees from cases and putting it into the free Aid to Injured Motorcyclists program and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists organization.

You Can Always Find Us at Your Local Confederation Meeting Offering Free Legal Advice on All Motorcycle Issues

Part of what makes us different is that our attorneys stay active in the motorcycle community by offering free advice on all motorcycle issues at local Confederation of Clubs meetings, sponsoring programs such as AIM (Aid to Injured Motorcyclists) and NCOM (National Coalition of Motorcyclists) through the fees they get by helping bikers who have been involved in an accident, and by working together with motorcycle clubs and independent riders throughout the United States each year at the annual NCOM Convention to keep them informed of potential legal challenges and how to overcome them.

We Work Together With Motorcycle Clubs, Confederations and Independent Riders Every Year at the Annual NCOM Convention to Address and Overcome Potential Legal Challenges to Bikers

AIM is here to help bikers if they have had an accident, but we also do much more. All across the United States, the National Coalition of Motorcyclists hosts a convention where the who’s who of the motorcycling world can get together to talk about upcoming legal problems, such as laws about discrimination, profiling against bikers, new technology, among many other issues, and how they can best address these obstacles. We are able to fund this convention, along with our other programs in large part because our AIM lawyers put a percentage of their attorney fees into the AIM program. We care about protections and rights for bikers and this is just one of the many ways AIM helps to give back to the motorcycle community they are proud to serve.

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Who is Motorcycle Attorney Richard Lester and What are the AIM & NCOM Programs?

Attorney Richard LesterThe AIM Team of Motorcycle LawyersNational Coalition of Motorcyclists Board of DirectorsNational Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) Convention

For more than three decades, Richard M. Lester has dedicated his professional life to bringing together one of the most diverse and divisive communities in this country and the world, in order to solve mutual problems, stand together against government interference, and protect motorcycling as a sport and lifestyle.

In the early years the effort was to form a base, and join together attorneys throughout the USA and Canada that represent motorcycle accident victims, and that were not only the best litigators but also cared deeply for their clients and for motorcycling. This Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (AIM) network of attorneys not only ride, bur are willing to put part of their legal fees back into making motorcycling better and safer.

Through AIM, NCOM and the COC, Richard has provided a venue for unified activism and a voice for America’s motorcyclists to influence politics and policies that affect us on the local, national and international fronts.

We have over 110 affiliated offices throughout North America and we are available around the clock to help all motorcyclists. Our lawyers ride, and have decades of experience handling motorcycle-related cases.

We are motorcycle advocates, and many of our lawyers know firsthand the trauma of a motorcycle accident. Some have even been victims of motorcycle accidents themselves. We know that if you are injured that it might be hard to travel and because of that, we make house calls and will meet you anywhere you need us.

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With 110 attorneys in the AIM lawyer network, we will be anywhere you need us! The Law Offices of Richard M. Lester and our affiliated offices across North America are available to all bikers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, we are standing by, ready to help you on your road to recovery. Let AIM help you take the first step toward your recovery.

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