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Attention Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations:

We offer both flyer and wristband support for your events!

In an ongoing effort to support and promote the activities of NCOM member organizations and/or Confederation of Clubs member groups and affiliates, the Aid To Injured Motorcyclists program is offering to pay for the printing of motorcycle run flyers whenever the small ad strip below is incorporated into the flyer. In return we ask that an AIM display box with free stickers, magnets, and info cards be prominently displayed at the front registration table at the event.

AIM and NCOM realize that one of the most costly aspects of putting on a motorcycle run or rally is the printing of the flyers. Therefore, to assist in ensuring a successful event, AIM and the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester will reimburse the pre-approved printing costs for submitted flyers. (*not to exceed $250.00).

Please use this ad in your flyer to ensure approval by AIM We know your event safety is important, so we also offer event wristbands at no cost to you. These wristbands will help reduce any hassles with admission and keep the event running smoothly.

Simply call us at (800) ON-A-BIKE (800-662-2453) or E-Mail us at and let us know the quantity and cost of the printing and send us a sample of your proposed flyer for approval. Please be advised: We will not pay for production if other attorneys are on the flyer. Due to the popularity of this program, we regret that we can only cover one event per year, per chapter of your club or organization. After production of your flyer please send the original receipt and the flyer directly to our office By E- Mail or mail hard copy to:

Law Office of Richard M Lester
5850 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200,
Woodland Hills, California 91367,
ATTN: AIM Flyer Program

Good luck with your event!
Ride safe,
AIM Founder