What is the NCOM Christian Unity Program?

"How good it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1
For more than two decades, The National Coalition of Motorcyclists has been an influential group of motorcycle clubs and associations meeting together for the purpose of being a united voice for the benefit of riders. Now, NCOM has grown to include more than a thousand different member organizations which share invaluable information and strategies to serve the nation’s motorcycle community.

The primary objective of NCOM is to provide aid to all motorcycle organizations and individual riders with legal, governmental, and other motorcycling issues. The Coalition does not dictate to any organizations, but is instead available to assist NCOM member groups through complimentary services such as legislative assistance, public awareness programs, a nationwide network of public information, loan programs, safety projects, biker anti-discrimination legal counsel, and more.

After being involved in NCOM for over 12 years and seeing a wide variety of motorcycle organizations involved, I was concerned that there were many other groups especially within the Christian ministry sector that were unaware of NCOM and were missing out on an important part of networking with both secular and Christian bike groups. Christian riding groups were popping up all over the country and yet, there was no networking within that sector.

At the yearly NCOM conventions, a small group of Christian bikers were regularly in attendance. The idea of hosting a Christian Unity gathering began in 2005. Since that time, there have been huge turnouts as those who had attended invited others to get involved. Many of those involved at the conventions began getting involved in their local Confederation of Clubs meetings in their states and began building relationships in the biker community. This was not just about showing up at bike events; this was truly a coming together with other bike groups with a common goal. We are working together to protect our lifestyle and right to ride.

A patch, similar to the regular NCOM patch was developed that includes Psalm 133:1 and the title Christian Unity. Christian groups can now become a member of NCOM and have one representative on its National Council. Individual Christians may also join NCOM and receive a Christian Unity patch.

There is no fee and funds are not solicited among NCOM members. All operating costs are paid through the Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) network of attorneys who are the sole financial supporters of NCOM. A.I.M. attorneys contribute a portion of their legal fees from motorcycle accidents back into the motorcycling community through NCOM.

NCOM Christian Unity holds regional events as well as a Unity gathering at yearly NCOM conventions. If you are interested in joining Christian Unity and would like more information about Unity meetings, please click on the form for more information.

In His service,
Louie Nobs
Christian Unity Liaison
NCOM Board of Directors