Mission Statement

The National Sport Bike Association (NSBA) is a national organization whose primary goal is to unite all sport bike riders for the purpose of exchanging information and combing strength to fight all that is adverse to bikers riding freedoms and biker discrimination. The NSBA along with the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) will join together to fight all legal and legislative issues on all levels of government. From local ordinances to federal laws if our rights as riders are being violated NSBA and NCOM will be there as biker rights advocates.


A division of NCOM, the NBSA provides the sports bike community with a unified voice to address the unique problems, challenges, and prejudices they face both on and off the road. Drawing from NCOM’s tools, resources, and 25 years of experience, the NBSA’s contributions add immense strength to the fight for the freedoms and rights of ALL bikers across the nation.

The Goal of NSBA

The goal of the NSBA is to assist all sport bike clubs and individual sport bike riders with legal, legislative and other motorcycling issues. The NSBA WILL NOT dictate to any organization, but will be available to assist its members through FREE services such as:
  • legislative assistance
  • nationwide information network
  • public awareness programs
  • safety projects
  • loan program
  • biker anti-discrimination legal and legislative assistance, etc.

Unlike other associations, the NSBA is not supported by membership dues and does not solicit funds from members or individuals. All operating costs are paid through the Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) nationwide network of attorneys who are the sole financial support for NSBA. A.I.M. attorneys contribute a significant portion of their legal fees from motorcycle accidents back into motorcycling by providing all the funding for NSBA…a way of recycling money from motorcycling back into motorcycling!

All sport bike riders along with any sport bike organization are invited to join the National Sport Bike Association regardless of what type of sport bike they ride, the patch they wear or the motorcyclists’ rights organization they belong to.
For more information, please contact:

Sharon “Lady Ninja” Cancel
Executive Coordinator / Media Relations