Some Confederations started with quarterly meetings but now most meetings are every other month (every other month aids in continuity and communications)

  1. Central location or trade locations between major cities (can be at a clubhouse, or any private room).
  2. Usually at least two (2) representatives from each club, observers from member clubs okay and encouraged depending on space availability. Reminder letter will be sent by the AIM attorney’s office or Confederation secretary to each club prior to meetings.


Confederations have at least one run/party per year; funds raised are used to hire civil rights attorney and to send representatives to NCOM Convention and Meetings/Seminars

  1. Charge at the gate and/or sell beer and food and possibly t-shirts.
  2. Each club is given a job; two (2) representatives from each club to walk security.
  3. Independents are encouraged to attend (ie. “All Bikers Welcome” on flier).
  4. All matters that would be decided are decided by the patch holding member clubs, one vote per club.