The National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) was born on January 27th, 1986, when motorcycle groups and leaders from around the nation met in Las Vegas, spurred by the need for a powerful, unified voice to stand up for the rights of bikers everywhere. Since that time, NCOM has continued to provide riders and motorcycle organizations with legal guidance, legislative backing, public awareness programs, and anti-discrimination services, among other resources.
NCOM is more than just a single organization; it is comprised of numerous motorcycle rights groups, clubs, and associations, all working together for the greater good of the biker community. Today, the coalition has expanded to include hundreds of thousands of riders and more than 2,000 member organizations from all over the United States.
At its core, NCOM is an association built and run by bikers for bikers. Its National Council, designed to facilitate effective communications nationwide, is comprised of one member from each participating organization. Motorcycle rights leaders representing 11 regions make up its Board of Advisors. The group also contains a Legislative Task Force that includes state legislators, advocates, and a United States Senator.
Unlike with other organizations, groups can join NCOM at no cost, gaining access to its tools and resources. NCOM does not impose membership fees or ask its members for funding. Instead, 100% of the organization’s monetary backing is provided by the Aid to Injured Motorcycles (A.I.M.) program and its associated network of motorcycle injury lawyers. Each A.I.M. attorney gives a significant percentage of their legal fees from motorcycle accident cases to NCOM, ensuring that the coalition can continue in its work.
No matter what type of bike you ride or what patch you wear, all motorcycle groups are encouraged to join the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. If your group would like more information on becoming part of NCOM, call 1-(800) 662-2453 or contact us online.